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Xibei Bearing Co Ltd is located in the Yinchuan city the capital of Ningxia province Its predecessor the Xibei Factory was founded in the depths of Helan Mountain in 1965 From 1982 it moved to Yinchuan city and builds a modern factory in the Yinchuan city It makes a positive contribution to the revitalization of bearing industry in China Xibei Bearing Co Ltd is one of the biggest bearing manufactories in the west of China one of the leading companies in bearing industry It has certificate for the Exemption for the Export Inspection and its NXZ trademark is the Chinese well know mark Located In the northwest of China Xibei Bearing Co Ltd orientate to equip China and service to the world...

Categories and Products

Ball Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing 63936X1 M/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6013 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 62964X2 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6014 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6022 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6024 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6048 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 62934X2 MB Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6210-Z Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61980 Q4B Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61956X3 M Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61952X1 MB Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6084 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61952 MB Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6088 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6096 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61956X1 M Deep groove ball bearing 6212 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61952X3 MB/C4 

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7330AC Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7316B Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF1956X3M Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF 2972X1 M Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF 6/506.43 Q4/HC Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJ1952M Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF1944 Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF1940X3M Angular Contact Ball Bearing 71940CTA Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJ/1440/HG Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF 1952X3 M/C9 Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF9/560X2 Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJ 2964X2 M Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF334M Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7328 ACM Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJ 324 N2Q4 Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7322 BM Angular Contact Ball Bearing QJF320M Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7320 ACJ Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7240B 

Thrust Ball Bearing

Thrust Ball Bearing 51120 Thrust Ball Bearing 51124 Trust Ball Bearing 5610/2500 Trust Ball Bearing 234940BM Thrust Ball Bearing 5617/3000 Trust Ball Bearing 5617/650 Trust Ball Bearing 5617/560 Trust Ball Bearing 51730 Thrust Ball Bearing Trust Ball Bearing 011.13.1400 Trust Ball Bearing 010.19.200 Trust Ball Bearing 010.414.21.431 Trust Ball Bearing HSQB885.4D Trust Ball Bearing QW1120.32A Trust Ball Bearing 012.40.200 Trust Ball Bearing 013.30.1097 Trust Ball Bearing 033.30.1504 Trust Ball Bearing 53426U Trust Ball Bearing 51424M Trust Ball Bearing 51417 

Roller Bearing

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Cylindrical Roller Bearing N216M Cylindrical Roller Bearing N220M Cylindrical Roller Bearing FG85150 Cylindrical Roller Bearing NUKR120XH/3AS Cylindrical Roller Bearing NNTP120290135-2PS Cylindrical Roller Bearing YCRS-80 Cylindrical Roller Bearing FGL65120 Cylindrical Roller Bearing NN3006K Cylindrical Roller Bearing N1008M Cylindrical Roller Bearing NU1009M Cylindrical Roller Bearing NU1010M Cylindrical Roller Bearing NU1011M Cylindrical Roller Bearing NU1012M Cylindrical Roller Bearing NU1014M Cylindrical Roller Bearing N 1016/C4YA4 Cylindrical Roller Bearing N1017M/C3 Cylindrical Roller Bearing NJ1019M Cylindrical Roller Bearing NN3020K Cylindrical Roller Bearing NN3020KTN/P4W33 Cylindrical Roller Bearing NF1021M/C4 

Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical Roller Bearing 22311 Spherical Roller Bearing 230/530CA Metallurgical Machinery Bearing 23940 CA/W33 

Tapered Roller Bearing

Tapered Roller Bearing 32220 Tapered Roller Bearing 32226 

Thrust Roller Bearing

Thrust Roller Bearing 2687/1049 Thrust Roller Bearing 29324 

Sliding Bearing

Spherical Plain Bearing

Spherical Plain Deep Groove GE15ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE20ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE25ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE30ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE35ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE40ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE45ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE50ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE60ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE70ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE80ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE90ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing GE100ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE110ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE120ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE140ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE160ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GE200ES Spherical Plain Radial Bearing Groove GEG15ES 

Special Bearing

Petroleum Machinery Bearing

Petroleum Machinery Bearing 37951K Petroleum Machinery Bearing 37961K 

Port Crane Bearing

Port Crane Bearing 010.25.500 Port Crane Bearing 112.60.2370 

Heavy Truck Bearing

Heavy Truck Bearing 10079/710K Heavy Truck Bearing 10079/900 

Construction Machinery Bearing

Construction Machinery Bearing 32048/YB2 Construction Machinery Bearing 23032 CA/W33 

Wind Power Bearing

Wind Power Bearing 111.25.500 Wind Power Bearing 112.80.2870 

Hydraulic Engineering Bearing

Hydraulic Engineering Bearing GE240ES-2RS Hydraulic Engineering Bearing GE244ES-2RS 

Cement Machinery Bearing

Cement Machinery Bearing 22320CA/C3W33 Cement Machinery Bearing 23032CA/C3W33 

Metallurgical Machinery Bearing

Metallurgical Machinery Bearing 23068 Metallurgical Machinery Bearing FC3652168/P64 Metallurgical Machinery Bearing FC/4460192/P64 

Automotive Bearing

Automotive Bearing 6315 Automotive Bearing 6317 

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